Flat product

We have been providing various steel plates to the world in different grades which meet the DIN/ASTM/GB/JIS standards. Here we would like to introduce our flat products line that we have much competetive edges as below:

Carbon Steel Plate: We supply heavy and extra heavy plate of 1045 ,1050,1055 for the mold base manufactures all over the world .Thickness 10-400mm and Width 1800-2200mm are available.

Alloy Steel Plate : We supply alloy steel plate 41Cr4,16CrMo44, 42CrMo4,34NiCrMo6,and 8620 with superior forming and welding characteristics for the use in construction and structural fabrication.Thickness 10-150mm and Width 1800-2200mm are available.

Abrasion Resistant Steel Plate : N-STAR series AR steel plate 400,450 and 500 are particularly suited to the mining equipment, earth moving equipment,ore and aggregate processing, road building equipment manufacturing and fabrication industries.Thickness 8-60mm and Width 1800-2600mm are available.

High Strenghth Low Alloy Steel Plate :HSLA steel plates S235 and S355 series are used in a wide range of applications in transport, profiling and building.Sighnificant weight reductions can be achieved by using HSLA,especially for cranes and heavy vehicle trailers, thus allowing a larger payload. Thickness 10-150mm and Width 1500-3000mm are available.

Pressure Vessel Steel Plate: PVQ Steel Plates A515,A516,A537 and A387 have good weld-ability as well as excellent toughness, are mainly used to manufacture boilers, drums,pressure or steam piping, industrial thermal vessels and heat exchangers. Thickness 10-150mm and width 1500-3000mm are available.

Marine Construction Steel Plate: A,B,D,E,A32,A36 grades of steel plate are almost exclusively utilized in the Shipbuilding Industry for the construction of Structural Parts of ships, barges and Marine Equipment. Thickness 10-150mm and Width 1500-3000mm are available.

Stainless Steel Plate : SA 240 Grade 304/L, 316/L,Stainless Steel Plates for Intermediate Temperaturatures. SA 240 Grade 309,310S,321,347,Stainless Steel plates for High Temperatures.Thickness 1-50mm and Width 50-2400mm are aviailable.