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    Grand Opening of new warehouse
    Neworigin has put into operation a brand new warehouse in July, mainly focusing on quick service of steel plates including cutting into size, packing and loading ...
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    Colorful life in Neworigin family
    Outdoor training,Celebrating the best monthly sales performance,Hiking and BBQ ...

Grand Opening of new warehouse


Neworigin has put into operation a brand new warehouse in July, mainly focusing on quick service of steel plates including cutting into size, packing and loading.

The new warehouse covers an area of 11,200 m2, with 7 sets vertical band sawing machine and 4 sets horizontal band sawing machine, plus 5 tonnes forklift and various line-lifters.

Neworigin has re-designed and optimized production process and position to ensure a LOWEST PRICE, coming out of highest efficiency & quickest circulation.

In this warehouse, we process plate only, including 1.2311, 1.2083, H13, 1.2312 etc.

Currently it carries a regular stock of 3,000 tonnes plate of non-paralleled low price & fast delivery:

1.2311 Plate - 2,500 tonnes;
1.2083 / 4Cr13 Plate - 200 tonnes;
H13 Plate - 300 tonnes;

Colorful life in Neworigin family


Outdoor training

Celebrating the best monthly sales performance

Hiking and BBQ